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You Cannot Miss Visiting These Places If You Love To Challenge The Waters

Do you experience a rush of energy on hearing the term ‘adventure’? Does racing through the gushing rapids and steeps thrill you? Do you wish to explore the life undersea or race with the tidal waves? If the answers are yes then you are among the adventurous lot who quench their thirst by challenging the raging waters and mysterious depths. We bring you the list of water spots around the globe which you sure would not want to miss.

Colorado River sports, Arizona

This is one spot which gives you every single element in a perfect adventurous vacation. The majestic Grand Canyons spread all around and through the gorges rush the Colorado River and Arkansas River tearing through the rocks. You live the extremes of water adventure here while trying to beat the River through white-rafting or jet skiing. Kayak through the rivers with your family or go individually for water skiing. You have miles and miles to sport, but, we bet you will never wish for it to end.Colorado has its own State Park System comprising of lakes like Lake Dillon, Grand Lake, Blue Mesa Reservoir for building the adventure environment for speed lovers. The weather is definitely your best friend here, inviting you at any time of the year.


River rafting along the Ganges, Indian Subcontinent

The Ganges, also known as Ganga in India, originates from the Gangotri glacier in the majestic Himalayas. Since it flows through the highest mountain range in the world, it is not at all surprising that the river will have sections of rapids, curves, and waterfalls in its course. Starting from Rishikesh, you have many stops for the ultimate adventurous water sport including river rafting and kayaking. The river also forms the bank of several religious places which are considered as holy by the Hindu mythology.

Goa, India

The ultimate beach party destination in India! Equally popular among the foreign and domestic tourists, the exotic beaches of Goa offer all the luxury, fun and adventure. Surfing, boarding, water skiing, parasailing, banana rides and lot more in the unending list of water sports. The choices are plenty and the time is yours. Want to go underwater? Try the scuba diving at Grande Island. Satisfy the animal lover in you by sailing through the Mandovi River.

Saint Lucia

Do you want to give your kids an opportunity to witness the magic of ocean life? Then you must take a family tour to the Kids Sea Camp at St. Lucia island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The top-notch hotels here conduct frequent camps and activities like scuba diving. Accommodations and food are world class, which is obvious since the organizers are the star hotels themselves. The instructors are carefully selected for making the young children comfortably learn and enjoy the dive. Successful finishers are given certificates also. The parents can also join them and make this undersea vacation a perfect family adventure.


The ancient wonder of Machu Picchu will be the first thing coming in our mind when we talk about Peru. It is just the tip of the iceberg. The country is ideal for an adventurous expedition with your family. It has its Sacred Valley and you can enjoy the race with water by indulging in white-water rafting on the Urubamba River.

Tofino, Canada

This is a coastal town on the Western coast of Canada which is blessed with beauty on land and water. Not many places offer this kind of combination of trekking and water sports on the sea.


Have a safe and private family chilling out on the vast, sandy beaches like Tonquin, MacKenzie, and Chesterman. A boat tour with your kids will give them the precious sight of whales.


There are also numerous other activities for you, for instance, try the family kayaking or have a word with the waves by surfing.


Sometimes, you may just wish to peacefully do some fishing out in the sea with your family or go inland for a rendezvous with the rainforests and hot springs.


This list never ends so is our search for adventurous destinations.


We are, but, very sure you wouldn’t want to waste even a second of your time at these spots.

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