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We are welcoming all the ‘waterbees’ to our water world. We combine adventure water sports with family tours to let you enjoy your game with the power of nature. To destinations far and near, we operate around the world for taking you to the dream world of your choice at unbelievably low budgets. What is in store for you? We bring you an array of preset as well as customizable tour packages to choose from. Whether you are a bachelor traveling singly or want to travel in groups with your friends or family, you will not miss the opportunity to visit your dream hangout and participate in your favorite water-based activities.

We work to ensure full safety and security of our visitors through our trained guides and instructors. Bachelor party: This package is exclusively for bachelors who want to have some adventurous time alone, away from the busy cities. You can warm up in the secluded beaches, surf with the tidal waves or take part in drafting races in the swishing rapid rivers. Family party: Get a family party time on the beaches or river banks.

We have many activities tied up for you. The long list includes boat tours, fishing in the open sea, scuba diving, family kayaking, river rafting, river crossing, to name a few. We also conduct scuba diving classes with certificates and marine museums to know more about the magic world under the sea. Isn’t it education with adventure and fun for your kids? Buddy party: Share the aqua thrill with your bunch of friends who are equally enthusiastic as you about experiencing the fun of adventurous watersports. We give special security arrangements for girl-only groups without any kind of interference in your vacation. Mail us now to get our detailed itineraries and budget estimates.

Do remember to give us information on the number of members with you and plan specifications if any. Get your passport ready and if possible learn the basics of swimming for that extra bit of safety from your side. Join us to hit the waters anywhere, anytime!